Meeting Of The Minds

My cohorts and I recently held a meeting to discuss how to prevent the human from getting any work done during the day. I would say it was a successful meeting as we never saw him come near the desk for the rest of the day. Well done, troop!

meeting of the minds 102215

I Am Not Impressed

The human ran across this horrendous thing on Youtube and couldn’t stop laughing. I am not impressed…  

tablet 2 071413

Life Is Good!

Life is good! I have a roof over my head, food to eat, dogs to bite, another cat to chase – and I’m still loved despite those last two. The best part of life here? My own tablet with internet access! What more could a guy ask for?    

Gorgeous weekend!

And I’m stuck inside? Ah… I guess I’ll just lay here in the air conditioning and watch the grass grow.

looking outside 070713