garden 3 042813

My quest to destroy the garden

The humans strapped this confining contraption on me – and tossed me out into no man’s land! So begins my quest to destroy the garden…

secret stash

They found my secret stash

The humans were moving furniture around and found my secret stash! Drat. That was a lot of hard work spent building that up – now I have to start from scratch.

Hmm, Wednesday

Perhaps I’ll kick back and listen to some tunes today.

wednesday tunes

Lazy day!

  Lazy days are the best! Seems like a good day to curl up with a good magazine, right? Ah, this is the life.

good magazine 020813

sylvester 021013

There is a camera in my face again

  I am not sure why the humans are so entertained by this. Clearly we can find something better to do. In the meantime, I will just glare at them as usual.